Born in the Caribbean and raised in Miami, FL, Sportailor has been making outdoor, active and casual lifestyle sportswear since 1938. Our Caribbean and Florida heritage combined with our family bonds and time-tested history provide us with the inspiration to design one-of-a-kind styles with artisan craftsmanship. 

The Company's roots date back to when Raul Rudman arrived penniless to the Caribbean island of Cuba from Eastern Europe. Without knowledge of the local customs or language, but a master tailor by trade, Raul pioneered the garment manufacturing industry on the island prior to the Communist takeover by Fidel Castro. The Castro regime confiscated all of Raul's assets and in 1961, he fled to America with just the shirt on his back. In 1963, Raul along with his son Frank re-established the business in Miami, Florida. The 3rd generation comprising Frank's 3 sons: Abe, Stan and Jeff joined the business and have continued the legacy.

The Company has developed lifestyle sportswear brands and spurred innovations within the clothing industry. While others do things “meticulously” or “painstakingly”, the Company has always been about passion. In fact, our entire reputation rests on the experienced skills and passion of our people, handed down through generations. We strive to maintain a standard of excellence, commitment and distinction synonymous with our brands. The Company's products are sold under several recognized brand names, including, but not limited to, Hook & Tackle®, Weekender® and Reel Southern®. As a proud 3rd generation family business, the Company has become one of the nation's leading quality outdoor, active and casual lifestyle sportswear collections.